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High Visibility Safety Garments - Testing to meet AS 4602.1

A draft of the new version of the Australian Standard for High Visibility Safety Garments, AS 4602.1, has been released for public comment by Standards Australia. 

The draft takes the existing AS 4602.1-2011 and uses it as a base to build from introducing:

  • Pants / the bottom of half of coveralls for Class N and Class D/N
  • New Levels of garment for Class N (Night use) and Class D/N (Day / Night use) differentiated by the amount of high visibility trim on the arms and / or legs
  • Alignment with the new version of AS/NZS 1906.4-2023 for the new high visibility fabric colours, high visibility trim, and for durability requirements

The proposed document will allow the specification of particular garment types that will suit different end-uses following an appropriate risk assessment. 

Standards Australia is seeking public comment on the document with this closing on Thursday 22nd of February 2024.




DR AS 4602.1-2023 is available from here:

DR AS 4602.1:2023 High visibility safety garments, Part 1: Garments for high risk applications


AWTA Product Testing will continue to offer testing services both against the current version of AS 4602.1 and the new version of AS/NZS 1906.4 as well as against the new version of AS 4602.1 when it is finalised and published.


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